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Need Better Hearing?

Here’s how we can help you reach your maximum hearing potential with all the information you need clearly given – without marketing nonsense:


Hearing Testing:  Cost: Self pay: $42 – $100. If using insurance prices vary depending on your plan.

Hearing Aids: Cost: Minimum cost: $400 for 1 hearing aid. Maximum cost:  $1750 for 1 hearing aid. Double the costs if you need 2 hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Programming: Cost: $55 per 30 minute appointment. You can bundle 3 years of unlimited sessions for $500.

Tinnitus Management: Cost: Must determine cost on a case by case basis. This could be conducted in one office visit, or it may require months of therapy and the purchase of hearing aids.

Ear Wax Management: Cost: Self pay:  $60. We accept most insurances as well, so you might need only pay an office visit co-pay to see our ENT doc to remove your wax.

Hearing Aid Maintenance: Cost: $20 for full service cleaning, wax guard replacement, dome replacement, and REDUX moisture removal treatment.

Custom Solutions: Cost: $50 – $300 Depends on the custom ear piece you need.

Quick Look At All Possible Costs: Cost: $20 – $3350 Click here to see details.