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Services We Offer:

At Robb Family ENT we strive to create a better way of life for all of our patients through better hearing. Our focus is to hear your needs, provide an accurate diagnosis, and offer suitable treatment options for your hearing, tinnitus and balance concerns. We are an independent, family-run and community-oriented practice, and strongly believe exceptional care and follow-up are essential for best patient outcomes.

Our expertise and passion to help individuals with hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance problems allows you to get the care you deserve. An educated patient is the best patient, and we pride ourselves on helping you to make an informed decision about your hearing healthcare. It is our philosophy to offer remarkable service combined with affordable, state-of-the-art and customized hearing aid technology.

Need Better Hearing?

Here’s how we can help you reach your maximum hearing potential with all the information you need clearly given – without marketing nonsense:


Hearing Testing:  Cost: Self pay: $42 – $100. If using insurance prices vary depending on your plan.

Hearing Aids: Cost: $1395 – $3600 for a set

Hearing Aid Programming: Cost: $65 per 30 minute appointment. Package of unlimited services for lifetime of hearing aids = $700

Tinnitus Management: Cost: Must determine cost on a case by case basis. This could be conducted in one office visit, or it may require months of therapy and the purchase of hearing aids.

Ear Wax Management: Cost: Self pay:  $60. We accept most insurances as well, so you might need only pay an office visit co-pay to see our ENT doc to remove your wax.

Hearing Aid Maintenance: Cost: $25

Custom Solutions: Cost: $50 – $300 Depends on the custom ear piece you need.

Quick Look At All Possible Costs: Cost: $25 – $3600. Click to see details

The Audiology Department at Robb Family ENT offers the following services:

A warm invitation is extended for you to contact our office, where each phone call is answered personally by one of our friendly staff members, to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual care.