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Hearing Aid Programming
This is one of the most important parts of getting the best out of your hearing aids.
Cost:  $0 – $500

Why is this important you ask?  Your brain must have access to the appropriate sounds before it can comprehend them.  Too much sound causes distortion, too little sound causes . . . well . . . hearing loss.  We must find the correct balance for you individually which requires diligent application of acoustic and neurologic expertise.  The computer can’t do everything for us, we need human input to make your brain thrive.

If you buy hearing aids from us, the initial programming and 1 follow up programming session are required.  These programming fees are included in the price of the hearing aids.

If you purchase hearing aids elsewhere, I can re-do the initial programming using a technology called “real-ear.”  This is combined with  1 required follow-up visit costs $325.  Results are not guaranteed with this method and there are no refunds for this type of appointment.

If you want a simple adjustment not requiring real-ear measurements, the cost is $55 per session.

If you purchase hearing aids from us you will have the opportunity to pay per programming session as you go ($55 per session) or you can pay $500 to gain access to unlimited follow up sessions for a period of 3 years.