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Hearing Testing
This is step one on your journey to better hearing!

Self Pay: $42 – $100. If we only conduct the hearing test = $42.  If we do all the tests listed below = $100.  If you file a claim with your insurance the cost depends on your insurance plan copay and deductible.

What to expect:

Hearing Testing: Basically, you push a button when you hear a beep.  We use ear inserts and bone conduction devices to test the softest levels that you can hear.  We also test your ability to hear speech.  This sounds simple, but it can be tricky sometimes to get accurate measurements.  You need a high quality hearing test to make informed decisions on how to treat your hearing. 

  • Case History: I ask you several questions because I want to know why you’ve come to see me.
  • Otoscopy: I look in your ears with a tiny magnified flashlight.
  • Tympanometry: This test is often used to determine whether or not your eardrum is moving as well as it should. It feels like you are going up in the mountains for only a couple seconds.  This rules out fluid in your ears and a few other medical issues that could cause hearing loss.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions: If you have tinnitus, this testing can help diagnose the underlying cause. No pain involved, just about 1 minute of listening to clicks and beeps.