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Treating Conditions of the Larynx & Voice 

A properly functioning larynx and voice are essential for everyday life, not to mention many types of careers. At Robb Family ENT, we focus on helping you achieve your full lifestyle and communication potential.


Voice Disorders

Severe changes in voice, throat pain and vocal fatigue are just a few of the voice disorders that are treatable through our speech pathology services. Our primary goal is preventing these disorders. However, if you do experience a voice disorder, we can provide treatment and rehabilitation, helping you return to normal communication.


Speech & Language Disorders

Both children and adults can experience speech and language disorders, such as an inability to produce speech sounds correctly or trouble expressing thoughts. Our speech therapy services include speech and language assessments, along with the treatment of disorders.


Vocal Cord Nodules

A vocal cord nodule is an abnormal mass of tissue growing on the vocal cords, which may be caused by strenuous or extreme voice practices. Symptoms include hoarseness, painful speaking and an inability to produce a normal voice. Treatment typically consists of voice rehabilitation and vocal hygiene, but may require simple, painless removal of the nodules.